Pricerunner Product Feed

Sign up with avecdo and connect your online store to PriceRunner in no time. With just one click, avecdo helps you create a product feed compatible with PriceRunner.


What is Pricerunner?

PriceRunner is Denmark’s largest price comparison and consumer service, where users can freely compare prices on a wide range of products and find the best deal. Products from all categories, including electronics, clothing, jewelry, and insurance, are compared and displayed in a user-friendly format for consumers.

Additionally, PriceRunner updates prices from the listed online stores every day by fetching their product feeds. This ensures that customers always receive fresh advertisements with the correct pricing.

Why Connect to PriceRunner? is currently one of the most visited consumer services in Denmark, with 3.7 million monthly visitors. You can learn more about PriceRunner here. Traditionally, stores that advertise the lowest price tend to secure sales. However, PriceRunner offers stores the opportunity to bid for a higher placement in search results, providing the potential for increased traffic and successful transactions.
Stay ahead – let PriceRunner help you capture customers ready to buy from your online store.

Free or Paid on PriceRunner?

It’s free to list your products and prices on PriceRunner, but if you want additional features such as links and a company logo alongside your products, you have the option to negotiate a deal with them. Any inquiries about becoming a paying store can be directed to their sales team via:

How To Set Up your Products on PriceRunner

Once you have activated PriceRunner in the avecdo system, PriceRunner will automatically receive your product feed, and we will proceed to set up your store as a free store on PriceRunner. Subsequently, a sales representative will contact you with an offer to become a paying store on PriceRunner.

PriceRunner DK automatically receives the file when you connect to this channel, and they take care of the rest of the setup. For more information about PriceRunner DK, please contact Peter Wulff Petersen at or Tel: +45 2088 6181.

We look forward to listing your store and products on PriceRunner!