Miinto Product Feed

Sign up with avecdo and connect your online store to Miinto in no time. With just a few clicks, avecdo assists you in creating a product feed compatible with Miinto.


What is Miinto?

Miinto is a platform where fashion retailers can showcase their products online.

Stores can secure their own space on Miinto and set up their products in the extensive online catalog.

With an easily navigable list of categories for your products, consumers can quickly and efficiently search for what they are looking for.

Why Connect to Miinto?

Miinto attracts more than a million visitors every month, all seeking new clothing or accessories to stay ahead of fashion trends. Miinto is an online marketplace, and you can learn more about Miinto here.

By setting up your store and products on Miinto, you have the opportunity to reach customers you might otherwise miss.

To reap these benefits, it’s essential to create a product feed that meets Miinto’s requirements.

Avecdo allows you to do just that.