PrestaShop Product Feed Integration

Integrate avecdo with PrestaShop and discover the simplicity by optimizing your product feed with our text enricher. avecdo optimizes your PrestaShop product feeds for trading channels like PriceRunner, Facebook and Google Shopping – with just a few clicks.


What is PrestaShop and Why Should you Connect a Product Feed?

PrestaShop is an eCommerce platform where you can build the webshop you have always dreamed of. Mainly, medium sized and larger companies use this type of eCommerce solution. You can see Prestashop’s official site hereBut if you want to get your PrestaShop onto various marketing channels, it usually requires a product feed. 

It is free to download and use PrestaShop, but to a limited extent. Thousands of different developers have made integrations that make the platform what it is: a highly customizable webshop. Typically, payment for the module integrations is costly, but avecdo is free as the module integration and – is just to install with a ZIP file that can be downloaded here. But you need a subscription to get af product feed, see our prices here.

With the many options for customizing your webshop, using Prestashop, it makes it possible to make endless variations of your webshop’s structure. This makes it easy to make a unique absolute ecommerce shop.

Why Integrate avecdo with PrestaShop?

When you integrate avecdo with your PrestaShop store to create product feeds, your product information from your web shop becomes easy to manage on the external trading channels. By just a few clicks, avecdo makes your PrestaShop product feed ready for immediate use on product comparison pages and online marketplaces.

This makes it quick and easy to display your products on Facebook, Google Shopping, PriceRunner as well as many other supported trading channels.

The product information from your PrestaShop store automatically adapts to the sales channels you want to use – when using avecdo. In this way, your products will be shown in relevant categories and found by consumers when they make inquiries on the sales channel, thereby giving you far more customers.

Keep it simple! No technical skills are required when using avecdo to control your PrestaShop product feed. That makes avecdo an easy entry to various sales channels, for you and your PrestaShop store.

Setup Guide to Integrate avecdo on PrestaShop

Downloading the Prestashop Module

Connect the Module to your avecdo Account by Entering the Activation Key

Want to Know More About Prestashop and Product Feeds

PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own online store.

It provides users with a flexible and customizable interface, empowering them to craft a unique online shopping experience for their customers.

PrestaShop supports a wide range of plugins and themes, which enables businesses to extend functionality and tailor the appearance of their stores to match their brand.

The Importance of Product Feeds in PrestaShop

Product feeds are essential for effectively promoting PrestaShop stores on various marketing channels.

A product feed is a structured file that contains detailed information about the products available in your store, including names, prices, descriptions, and images.

These feeds can be utilized to list your products on platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook, and other digital marketplaces, thus broadening your reach and increasing potential sales.

Integrating avecdo with PrestaShop

Avecdo enhances the capabilities of PrestaShop by simplifying the management of product feeds.

It acts as a bridge between your PrestaShop store and multiple marketing channels, ensuring that your product information is synchronized and consistently up-to-date.

Avecdo provides tools to automate the generation and updating of product feeds, thereby reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

Benefits of Using avecdo with PrestaShop

1. Automation: avecdo automates the creation and maintenance of product feeds, saving time and eliminating the risk of outdated or incorrect product information.

2. Easy Integration: avecdo integrates seamlessly with PrestaShop, providing a user-friendly interface for managing product feeds without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

3. Enhanced Market Reach: With avecdo, your product feeds are optimized and distributed to various marketing channels effectively, enhancing your store’s visibility and attracting more customers.

And What Does All of That Mean

For businesses using PrestaShop, leveraging avecdo for product feed management offers a strategic advantage.

It simplifies the process of reaching a wider audience through various marketing channels and helps boost online sales.

The combination of PrestaShop’s customizable platform and avecdo’s efficient feed management tools can significantly enhance the online marketing efforts of any e-commerce business.