TradeTracker Product Feed

Sign up for avecdo and connect your webshop to TradeTracker in no time. With just one click, avecdo helps you make a Facebook product feed.


What is TradeTracker is a prominent affiliate marketing platform that serves as a bridge between advertisers and publishers. Functioning as a comprehensive network, facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships by allowing advertisers to promote their products or services through the network of publishers. Publishers, in turn, earn commissions based on the performance of the advertisements they display.

With a user-friendly interface, advanced tracking technology, and a wide array of tools, enables seamless collaboration, transparent reporting, and efficient management of affiliate marketing campaigns. The platform provides a space for businesses to extend their reach and increase sales while offering publishers diverse opportunities to monetize their online traffic. plays a pivotal role in the dynamic world of digital marketing, connecting businesses with relevant audiences and empowering publishers to generate revenue through effective affiliate partnerships.

Why Connect to TradeTracker?

TradeTracker has offices and local expertise in 20+ countries and about 4000+ active campaigns. Does your business have high ambitions and operates internationally? Then TradeTracker would be a good partner in order to reach your goals and KPI’s.

How do I Get on TradeTracker?

  1. Install TradeTracker output on avecdo
  2. Contact TradeTracker

Contact TradeTracker by sending them an email at or call +45 31 50 62 05. Then you can discuss the opportunities further and how to integrate your Avecdo product feed.