Help your advertisers obtain a feed

You can provide your advertisers with the ability to easily create a feed with all their products. You just need to register as an output with avecdo, which is easily done by completing the steps you encounter when you click the button below, and it’s completely free for you.


Your benefits of having avecdo create advertisers' feed for your channel

Quick Danish and English support

We offer quick support for both you and your advertisers in both Danish and English

Great customization options

You have the opportunity to request specific fields in the feed, and we can assist the customer in getting the right data into the feed

Consultant User

You have the option to get a consultant user account on avecdo, so you can assist advertisers yourself

Link Building

You receive a link on our website for your link building efforts


Opportunity to enter into a partnership where you can obtain a discount code for your customers

Free for you

It's free for you as a marketing channel to make it an option for your customers to create a feed for you through avecdo

Why should Avecdo create feeds for your channel?

We believe it’s important to help you get all the data you specifically desire from your advertisers, meaning the feed can be customized to precisely fit your platform. Additionally, we’re eager to help you attract more advertisers by making it easy for them to create a feed that suits your platform.

We also place a high value on our service, aiming to provide excellent and swift support in both Danish and English. This support is, of course, available to both you and your advertisers. Furthermore, we offer a complimentary consultant account, enabling you to assist your advertisers more effectively. Through this account, you can see their mapping efforts and help them address any challenges they might encounter.

To add value for you, you will also receive a link on our website to assist with your link building efforts, and if you’re interested, we’re keen to establish a partnership with you, where you’ll receive a discount code for avecdo that you can offer to your advertisers.

Best of all, all these benefits are free for you, so hurry and register as an output with avecdo.