Terms of Service


It is our intent that the data you see on a channel after using our service is frequently updated with the correct information. However, the nature of web technology means that this cannot be guaranteed, as the numerous factors that lead to displaying information on a webpage may not always be up to date. The purpose of these Terms of Service is to limit our legal responsibility to cases where our mistakes directly caused a loss on your end, as well as to limit any compensation to the amount that has been paid for our service.

By using avecdo’s services, you agree to the following:


Disputes between avecdo and our customers will be settled by Danish law in a Danish court should an agreement not be reached.

avecdo will not be held responsible in case of a force majeure incident as defined in § 24 in “the Sale of Goods Act” (in Danish, “Købeloven”).

If avecdo plans to release a new feature by a certain date, this cannot be viewed as a legally binding promise of the said feature being implemented in time. As such, avecdo will not be held responsible for losses that derive from your expectation of the feature being released by a certain time. We will always strive to implement new features by the expected time, but we cannot guarantee it.

It is your responsibility to reconfirm the reading and acceptance of our Terms of Service should they be updated. We will publicise it in the event that we change our terms, and these changes will take effect after 7 days from the sending of the notification.

avecdo will only be responsible for losses that were directly caused by our service. This means that indirect losses, or losses from misinformation on the channels, that avecdo did not directly cause, won’t be compensated by avecdo. It is your responsibility to ensure that any data you provide avecdo with is correct. avecdo will not take responsibility for problems between you and a channel, you and your web shop service, or you and any other party. Examples of errors that are not directly tied with avecdo could be, but are not limited to:

  • Accidentally uploading the wrong files, or supplying wrong information
  • Titles and descriptions including unsupported or invalid characters, which cannot be detected without opening the files in a text editor – avecdo will not be held responsible for errors that derive from these invalid characters in the data you supply us, but we will correct the errors
  • Compatibility issues between our service and the existing settings and plugins in your web shop
  • Errors that are caused by the channel
  • Force Majeure incidents
  • Browser compatibility issues
  • Problems with your Internet Service Provider

Despite bearing no legal responsibility for these errors, we will try to ensure that our service is compatible with most web shop configurations, and do our best to minimize the impact of any problems that may arise.

avecdo provides this service on your behalf, which means that we will not be held responsible for your disputes with a channel.

avecdo guarantees an uptime of 98%, meaning that we can only be held responsible for losses that occur from our uptime being lower than 98%. If service is disrupted due to no reaction from you, at for example upgrades, avecdo has no responsibility.


The maximum compensation that avecdo can be held responsible for is the amount that the customer has paid for our service so far (yet max 3.000 DKK). This means that if you are entitled to compensation as per Danish law, the amount will not be proportional to your loss and won’t exceed what you have paid avecdo for their services. This means that you will not be entitled to compensation for our free first integration of a channel, due to it being free of charge. As such, the maximum compensation we can be held responsible for in regards to the first free channel is 0€.

The compensation that is defined in the above paragraph is limited to 1.000€ per incident, divided amongst all of our clients that were affected. This means that if an incident for which we can be held responsible occurs, the maximum amount of compensation that can be given out will be 1.000€ in total. The amount of this total that each client will receive shall be based on the amount they have paid for avecdo’s services so far.

The User

avecdo uses an API in your web shop to extract information and synchronize it and your user information with the channels, as well as to write and synchronize data from the channel with your web shop. These steps are necessary for the service we provide to function correctly. The API is secured with a private and a public key. By agreeing to use our service, you understand that avecdo will do its best to protect your data, and that our service wouldn’t be possible without the use of the API. You will also understand that we will not be responsible if someone illegally gains access to the data that is sent through our service.

avecdo is not responsible for any breach of security due to hacking that results in the release if your information to the public.

avecdo will notify you if we find out your data has been compromised.

Data and Consent

It is your responsibility to receive consent from your customers should their contact information be delivered to a third-party through avecdo.

avecdo will not send your data to any party other than output channels, without your consent.

It is not avecdo’s responsibility to ensure that your data adheres to law on Processing of Personal Data (“Persondataloven” in Danish).

avecdo will only be held responsible for data on our own platform, and therefore is not responsible for your data or the data on the platforms of the channels. As a result, should we synchronize the data from a channel to your website, and the data on the channel proves to be incorrect, we will not be responsible for any losses that occur from the wrong data being displayed on your website. Moreover, if we synchronize data from your website to a channel, and the data on your website is incorrect, we will not be responsible for the losses that occur from the wrong data being displayed on the channel.

In order to protect your data, a single connection must only be used by the designated channel. avecdo has the full right to deny access to any other attempted entry, as this could easily be someone attempting to get your data.

By purchasing any service from us, you agree that you have read and understood our Terms of Service, and the Terms of Service for the channel.