DBA Ads Product Feed

Sign up with avecdo and connect your online store to DBA Ads in no time. With just a few clicks, avecdo assists you in creating a product feed compatible with DBA Ads.


What is DBA Ads?

DBA (Den Blå Avis) is Denmark’s largest marketplace for new and used goods, offering users a wide range of products.

The platform attracts 1.7 million ready-to-buy users every month, reaching 36% of the Danish internet population – providing ample opportunities to connect with more buyers interested in your specific products.

Once DBA Ads has access to your product catalog, directly delivered from your product feed, your online store can easily use DBA for advertising.

Learn more about DBA here.

Why Connect to DBA Ads?

With DBA Ads, you can easily advertise on DBA and have the opportunity to reach users with a keen interest in specific product categories, as views are based on relevance and user behavior. This can help ensure that your products are shown to buyers actively seeking items like yours.

In addition to visibility on DBA, you also have the option to extend your reach to other sites.

Free or paid on DBA Ads?

There’s no setup fee, subscription, or commitment on the channel – you only pay per click.

How To Set Up your Products on DBA Ads

On the list of various sales channels, locate the channel and click “Install.”

To have your products listed on DBA Ads, simply generate the product file from avecdo.

Once you have activated DBA Ads in the avecdo system, DBA will automatically receive your product feed, and you will be contacted by DBA to set up your store.

We look forward to listing your store and products on DBA Ads!

Drive more sales today! DBA Ads is Denmark’s largest marketplace for new and used goods with 1.7 million monthly visitors!