Delupe Product Feed

Sign up with avecdo and connect your online store to Delupe in no time. With just a few clicks, avecdo assists you in creating a product feed compatible with Delupe.


What is Delupe?

Delupe is a certified premium Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) partner. We assist stores in maximizing their profit from shopping ads through our in-house bidding system. You have control over your Google Ads campaign budgets and can track sales, budgets, and prices in real-time.

Originally Danish, Delupe has grown significantly in Europe. We collaborate with over 10,000 stores and advertise more than 80 million products in all EU countries that allow CSS. You have the option to operate in Denmark and expand to other countries effortlessly, as your feed already works and only needs translation into the respective languages.

We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

Why Connect to Delupe?

CSS plays a crucial role in online sales! Who doesn’t check Google before making a purchase?

Delupe helps make your products visible on shopping ads. We automatically fetch your products from the feed and export them to Google. Our system ensures that changes in the feed are automatically reflected on Google.

Signing up with Delupe is free. You only pay for the traffic we send to your site. We’re always available with valuable advice and ideas for campaign optimizations.

How To Set Up your Products on Delupe

  1. Register your store with Delupe:
  2. Follow the guidance on the website and upload your avecdo directly to Delupe. We’ll guide you through the process.

For more information, feel free to contact us at or call Ulla Hougaard at +45 2883 8966.