Our prices


Included in all service packages is a free output (feed) for a chosen channel. Additional outputs will incur a minimal extra cost.
* The package includes a maximum number of products (e.g., 1,000). If you require us to handle more products, you should opt for a larger package.
** If you need more inputs (shops) than the specified limit, consider choosing a larger package.
*** For each additional output (feed/channel) beyond the initial free output, there will be an extra cost. As specified, all service subscriptions come with a complimentary output, while any subsequent outputs will incur a nominal fee.

To maintain an active account with us, the minimum requirement is to subscribe to our service plan. Through this subscription, we fetch data from your input, typically sourced from a webshop, and generate a feed URL for the output. Additionally, you gain access to our excellent support, where our support team is ready to assist you.

What is Included in Your Subscription

Your service subscription includes one free output. The subscription cost varies based on the number of products in your webshop, with each variant treated as a distinct product. Furthermore, the pricing is dependent on the number of active inputs and outputs linked to your account.

If You Want More Than One Output

As stated, one complimentary output is included in all service plans, while any additional outputs will incur an extra fee. There is also an option to purchase the capability for unlimited outputs.

Please explore our pricing model below to identify the most suitable plan for your requirements.