Adtraction Product Feed

Sign up for avecdo and connect your webshop to Adtraction in no time. With just a few clicks, avecdo helps you make a Facebook product feed.


What is Adtraction?

Adtraction is an affiliate network, an ad network with thousands of specialized websites. Adtraction helps hundreds of companies increase their sales through motivated affiliates showing their goods and services in relevant contexts. Only paid per delivered sale is paid. Examples of affiliate sites are Price Comparison, Blogs, Cashback, Content, Discount Code Sites and many more.

Adtraction offers a 100% transparent and very simple platform where both advertisers and affiliates can easily follow sales and statistics. They always show you where your traffic comes from. They provide market best support for advertisers and and affiliates with fast response time and personal contact.

It is possible to get a campaign set up exactly as you want. You can choose which areas and types of affiliates you want to work with. Adtraction is a service affiliate network and is usually responsible for the handling of campaigns, but if you want to stand for this, it is also possible.

Why Connect to Adtraction?

Adtraction was founded in 2009 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and is now the Nordic regions largest network with local offices and employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland & Spain. Adtraction is currently operating in eight markets in Europe and is expanding every year with new markets.

This also means that they have local employees who are in daily contact with top affiliates. They are proactive and regularly make quarterly activity plans to motivate and activate affiliates. The asset is also constantly being worked on with the recruitment of new affiliates so they are always first when new ones come. All affiliates are always quality checked before being connected to the network. In case of an agreement with Adtraction, no fees are paid which only pay commission is per sale delivered.

How To Set up Your Products via a Adtraction Product Feed

  1. Install the output on avecdo
  2. Connect the feed url with Adtraction