Roccai Product Feed

Sign up with avecdo and connect your online store to Roccai in no time. With just a few clicks, avecdo assists you in creating a product feed compatible with Roccai.


What is Roccai?

Transform Your Webshop and Newsletters with AI-Driven Swipe Experiences!

Elevate your digital engagement with Roccai, the innovative AI tool designed to enhance swipe experiences for your webshop, newsletters, and more. Roccai is the fusion of advanced technology and user-centric design, offering a platform that revolutionizes how your audience interacts with your content.

With Roccai, create immersive swipe experiences that captivate and engage your customers, leaving a memorable impact. It’s not just about swipes; Roccai changes the game of your digital strategy, integrating swipe functionalities seamlessly, ensuring visual appeal and intuitive design.

Embrace simplicity and impact with Roccai’s user-friendly interface, eliminating complex coding and design hurdles. Focus on delivering an unmatched user experience with the efficiency of AI.

Transform your webshop into a swipe-optimized destination and revolutionize your newsletters with Roccai. Stand out in the digital landscape with engaging, interactive content. Roccai is your gateway to exceptional user experiences, setting your online presence apart. Experience the synergy of innovation and interaction with Roccai, and redefine customer connection.

Why Connect to Roccai?

Upgrade to Interactive Digital Experiences with Roccai

Roccai revolutionizes your online engagement, bringing dynamic swiping capabilities to your webshop and newsletters. This tool transforms user interaction, offering visually stunning, interactive swipe experiences that set your brand apart.

Forget coding and design complexities. Roccai’s seamless integration means easy implementation into your digital strategy, providing a smooth, hassle-free process.

More than a tool, Roccai is an AI-driven solution tailored to your needs, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction with precision-crafted swipe functionalities.

Redefine your marketing with Roccai. Turn newsletters into captivating stories and your webshop into an engaging journey, ensuring memorable interactions with your brand.

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital world. Connect with Roccai for a future-proof online presence, adapting effortlessly to new trends and consistently delivering outstanding digital experiences.

Roccai is your path to an innovative, interactive future. Ideal for e-commerce innovators and marketing experts, Roccai redefines audience engagement with your brand. Connect with Roccai for a transformative journey towards a more dynamic, engaging digital presence.

How To Set Up your Products via a Roccai Product Feed

  1. Install the Roccai output on avecdo
  2. Connect the feed url with Roccai