Shopello Product Feed

Sign up with avecdo and seamlessly connect your online store to Shopello Shopping in no time. With just a few clicks, avecdo assists you in creating a Shopello product feed.


What is Shopello?

Shopello is a marketing platform designed to assist online shops in optimizing sales, branding, and driving traffic to their stores through the use of AI technology. As a user within the Shopello network, your products can be featured across various product categories throughout the Nordic region.

By having a product catalog with Shopello Shopping, your online store can leverage Shopello to showcase your products to customers within their shopping network, which comprises various shopping sites. Your product data is kept up-to-date through your product feed.

Why Connect to Shopello?

The Shopello Network is a network of shopping services designed to assist online stores in increasing their sales through automated advertising. Additionally, the network can be utilized to reach more customers and enhance the branding of your shop.

Shopello has introduced Shopello BidBrain. The advantage of using Shopello BidBrain is that your online shop can leverage cost per order (CPO) advertising on platforms like Google, allowing Shopello to set a click price that generates orders. You can learn more about their system here.

Note: Shopello unfortunately ONLY works with larger online shops with a substantial marketing budget (>€10,000 monthly Google Shopping Ad spend) as their system requires a certain amount of product data to function optimally.

How To Set Up your Products on Shopello

  1. You activate the Shopello channel in the avecdo system by clicking the blue button: “+ add channel.”
  2. On the list of various sales channels, find the channel and click “Install.”
  3. To have your products listed on Shopello Shopping, simply generate the product file from avecdo.
  4. Shopello will automatically receive the file once you have activated this channel in avecdo, and they will contact you afterward with further instructions.