Compware Product Feed

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What is Compware?

Compware is a price comparison site that specializes in computers and related hardware. Compware makes it easy for both your customers and your business to trade in everything related to computer electronics!

With Compware, you can expect excellent service that strives to meet your specific expectations and business needs.

Why Choose Compware?

Compware specializes in the field of computer electronics. Therefore, you can expect all your products to be handled in a good and proper manner.

In addition to getting a fantastic channel to sell your electronics, it’s incredibly easy to get started with. In fact, it only takes one click to get your products in there with no pre-work required.

How To Create a Feed for Compware

  1. Click on ‘+Install’ on Compware’s channel to generate a feed for it.

  2. Your information and product feed will now be sent to Compware.

  3. Compware will contact you to discuss your expectations.

  4. Your product feed will be placed online on Compware.

    See more on installation here