For Consultants and Agencies

Are you a consultant, or do you work within a marketing agency specializing in digital marketing for clients? 

As a consultant at avecdo, you need to create a consultant account — this is completely free. 


What does a Consultants Account do?

This account enables efficient management of your clients. To ensure ownership and control over their accounts, it is necessary for your clients to create their own accounts at avecdo. Your consultant account will allow you to access the necessary inputs/shops and outputs/feeds when your clients invite you to do so.

Your Benefits of Having a Consultants Account

Quick Danish and English support

We offer quick support for both you and your advertisers in both Danish and English

Get access

Get access to your customers' Avecdo accounts and provide them with the support they need.

Efficient Administration

With access to your customers' accounts via a consultant account, you can manage their feeds for various channels easily and efficiently.

Link Building

You receive a link on our website for your link building efforts


Opportunity to expand the partnership with avecdo. Here you can obtain a discount code for your customers

Free for you

It's free for you as a consultant to have an account with avecdo and to help your customers

Would you like to expand your partnership with us?

As a consultant partner, we offer an exclusive discount coupon that you can give to your clients when they register with avecdo. This discount is only valid for new users. For more information on using the discount coupon, please contact us at

As part of our consultant and agency network, you will be featured with a link both in avecdo and on our website. This creates visibility for both current and potential users who can see your areas of expertise and contact you for assistance with their marketing needs. We expect that avecdo will also be prominently featured with a link as a partner on your website.